BJB F105 Fast-Casting Polyurethane 5 Shore A 1.5kg

£61.70 £51.42
BJB F105 is from a range of high performance, flexible polyurethanes with a fast work time and quick demould times, excellent physical properties which can easily be processed at room temperature. Products from this range are available in a variety of hardnesses from 5 Shore A up to 95 Shore A. F105 is 1:1 mix ratio polyurethane elastomer which cures to a soft and stretchy 5 Shore A rubber. It has been designed for a variety of applications including special effects, props and creating medical training models. This grade is RoHS/REACH compliant, it is easy to pigment, and has very good tensile and tear strength. If you are looking for a softer material, F105 can be used in conjunction with SC-22, a PU softening agent which allows the hardness and elongation to be adjusted to meet exact required characteristics. Work time: 5.5 - 6 minutes. Demold time: 2 - 3 hours.
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