BJB FiberThick Resin Thickening Agent 1/2lb

BJB FiberThick 1/2lb
£25.60 £21.33

FiberThick is a thickening agent filler that can be added to a variety of polyurethane, silicone and epoxy systems to increase viscosity, allowing better hang on vertical or contoured surfaces. FiberThick exhibits low moisture absorption compared to many common resin fillers making it ideal for material systems sensitive to moisture (like many polyurethanes).

Users can turn low viscosity resin systems into brushable surface coats up to thick pastes.

FiberThick is is great for producing:

    Animatronic Skins
  • Adhesives or Pastes
  • Rigid Shell Moulds
  • Special Effects & Props
  • Slush Castings
  • Silicone Glove Molds

NOTE: Read Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for usage recommendations and mixing procedures ordering. If you need help selecting a product, feel free to contact our Tech Sales for assistance.

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