BJB UV-100 Ultra Violet Polyurethane Additive 1lb

BJB UV-100 1LB
£68.82 £57.35
Ultra Violet (UV) light from the sun, and to a lesser extent some indoor lighting, can degrade many polyurethane systems over time. Colour change and surface break down are the most notable effects. UV-100 works to slow down the degrading effects of UV light on two-component, castable polyurethane systems. While UV 100 has shown to delay the degradation process, it is not going to stop it completely. Results will ultimately vary depending on duration and intensity of exposure. UV-100 is typically added to BJB's flexible, rigid and semi-rigid products at a loading of up to 1% of the total parts A & B weight. Exceeding 1% may affect the cured physical properties of the system.
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