Techsil® EP25485 Black Flame Retardant Epoxy 5kg

Techsil EP25485 Blk 5Kg Kit
£197.60 £164.67
Techsil® EP25485 is a low viscosity, thermally conductive flame retardant potting and encapsulating compound. The mixed system has a long usable life and may be hot or cold cured. The system exhibits a good surface finish, high electrical strength, high thermal conductivity and low cure shrinkage. Techsil® EP25485 is compatible with most circuit board components and materials over a wide temperature range. Adhesion is excellent to most plastics and substrates. The combination of properties and the ease of use of the material will lend itself to a wide range of applications. The flame-retardants in EP25485 are of a non-halogen type and do not contain heavy metals.
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