Techsil supplies a complete portfolio of materials that enable the bonding, sealing and protection of many kinds of filter assemblies under a wide range of process and environmental parameters.

Offering exceptional properties specifically developed to provide resistance to oil, water, fuel and other chemicals, these high performance materials are able to bond most materials found in filter assemblies including stainless steel, mesh screens, textiles and pleated card.

Examples of the types of filters manufactured using materials supplied by Techsil range from disposable glass and pleated panels to those used for vacuums, oil, water and gas as well as automotive, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, military, medical and combined carbon / HEPA applications. 

Material Systems for Filtration: Product Categories 

Techsil offers hot melt adhesive solutions for filter assembly from the TecBond® range. Key products include:

  • TecBond® 267, a high performance adhesive forumalted for polyofin plastics with a long open time allowing for longer assembly processes
  • TecBond® 7785, a chemical resistance flexible hot melt adhesive designed for air and fuel filter manufacture
  • TecBond® 14, a very fast setting adhesive designed for paper and board filter assemblie. This ahdesive has a very low viscosity which works to prevent stringing and improve glue gun output.

Besides this, Techsil offers a range of other chemistries designed for filter assembly:

  • Epoxy (chemical and fuel resistant, tough, great adhesion)
  • Polyurethane (designed for rigid fuel systems, flame retardant, non-toxic)
  • Silicone (flexible, high temperature reistance, designed for power station filters)
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