Techsil are please to be able to offer an innovative range of hot melt adhesives for core assembly, ideal for use where sand cores are fixed together and assembled. Techsil's FOUNDRY-TEC® range of hot melt adhesives bond instantly and more efficiently without any wait time or use of solvents compared to other fixing systems such as water-based glues or screws. 

Advantages of FOUNDRY-TEC® hotmelts over other fixing systems such as water-based glues: 

  • Increased production
  • Risk of gassing is reduced
  • No solvents
  • Fast speed of set
  • No waiting
  • No shelf life
  • Reduced storage
  • Cost effective

Other benefits include improved accuracy and productivity and a reduction of scrap. These hot melts can be used for both cold and hot processes in sand foundries. Use on cold processes such as 'Coldbox, Alpha Set and Beta Self," allow immediate assembly whereas use on hot processes such as 'Hotbox, Warm Box and Shelf require a cool off period before being assembled.  

The range includes long, medium and short open times and variable viscosities for more accurate beading or spraying.

Techsil also supply the hand held hot melt glue guns to suit. The glue guns connect to an electrical supply. The adhesive from the cartridge melts inside the gun chamber and once melted can be extruded directly onto the sand core.  

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