Hoenle Bluepoint 4 Standard UV Spot Lamp

Bluepoint 4 without lightguide
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The Bluepoint 4 from Hoenle is a high performance point source for all applications that need maximum UV intensity, designed for automated processes.

It offers the ability to program complete exposure sequences with both different intensities and waiting periods, allowing the shortest cycle times to be realised especially in fully automated production lines.

This unit is suitable for a large range of applications including the bonding, fixing or potting of components in the electronic, optical and medical industries; fluorescent excitation for material testing and image processing; and high-intensity UV irradiation for chemical, biological and pharmaceutical purposes.

Combine with a Hönle UV-Meter to automatically re-adjust the lamp output in order to maintain the intensity. Light guides are not included with the bluepoint 4 unit, a range are available from Techsil with various diameters and filters.

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