Hoenle LED Power Pen 2.0 UV LED Point Source 365nm

LED-Power-Pen 2.0 #66700
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The Power PEN 2.0 is an LED-technology based reliable point source manufactured by Hoenle. It offers an output spectrum of 365 mn +/- 10 mn and has an internal power control and a temperature switch which protects the unit from high processing damage. Due to its compact size and low weight, the LED power pen is a very flexible and easy tool to use. It is powered via an external plug-in supply unit, connected via a cable, permitting the device to be used in areas with difficult accessibility. The light source can be turned on or off by using a switch location on the pen itself, allowing the user to cure on demand with no heat energy or time loss. This device requires no heating-up or cooling down period! Perfect choice for the bonding and fixing on components in the electronic, medical and optical industries. The Power Pen lends itself well to the fluorescent excitation for material testing and image processing and also provides high-intensity UV irradiation for biological, chemical and pharmaceutical purposes. Includes a Honle carry case and mains adapter. Available form January 2017 in 405nm.
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