Techsil® Non Silicone Heat Transfer Compound 620gm

HTC 620gm Cart Non Sil Grease
£34.70 £28.92
Techsil® HTC is a non-silicone heat transfer compound, white in colour, with a high thermal conductivity (0.9W/mK), and has been designed for thermal coupling of electrical components. HTC is recommended where the efficient and reliable thermal coupling of electrical and electronic components is required or between any surface where thermal conductivity or heat dissipation is important. They should be applied to the base and mounting studs of diodes, transistors, thyristors, heat sinks, silicone rectifiers and semi-conductors, thermostats, power resistors and radiators. HTC contains no silicones and thus cannot migrate onto electrical contacts with consequent high contact resistance, arcing or mechanical wear. Similarly soldering problems caused by silicones will not be encountered. HTC will perform in applications where the maximum service temperature does not exceed +130°C. Applications that need to operate beyond this limit will require a silicone based product. FEATURES: * Excellent non-creep characteristics. * Wide operating temperature range. * Excellent thermal conductivity even at high temperatures. * Easy to handle. * Economic in use. * Low in toxicity. * White colour enables treated parts to be easily * Low evaporation weight loss.
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