knottec® Knot Filling Wood Repair Oak x10 Sticks

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Knottec 7713 (10 Sticks) Oak
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knottec® is a unique knot-filling hot melt adhesive which has been specially formulated for the fast and effective repair of not only knot defects, but also deep scratches and other forms of deep wood damage. Because of its tough characteristics knottec® is perfect for repairing wooden doors, window frames, furniture, wooden flooring and much more. Available in fifteen different colours ensuring the best match to the surrounding wood prior to varnishing. knottec® is the most cost-effective wood repair system in the market today and is suitable for both general applications, where a fast-setting, easy-to-trim and easy-to-sand product is required, and for applications where a tougher, hard-wearing product is required, such as laminate flooring. Can be used in any 12mm tec™ glue gun, combine with the Mouseplane® for flush trimming of the knottec® glue and to remove the need for heavy duty sanding.
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