Lighting & LED

Techsil supplies a variety of materials for lighting and LED assemblies that extend service life, improve light performance and provide environmental protection and thermal management.

These high performance material systems are used in diverse applications including LED chip encapsulation, LED light engines, linear modules, luminaires, housings, architectural lighting, security and flood lighting, outdoor, oceanic and panel mounted LEDS, and PCB mounting.

Working in consultation with engineers ensures the correct performance specification is achieved, building on years of experience with these concepts. Designed to have, in particular, an excellent refractive index, all materials have excellent UV stability.

Material Systems for Lighting & LED: Product Categories 

Techsil markets a full product offering for lighting and LED applications consisting of heat transfer and thermally conductive silicone systems, tough epoxies, polyurethanes, crystal clear potting, contact cleaners and heat transfer tapes.

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