LOCTITE® SF 7458 Surface Activator 500ml

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Loctite SF 7458 500ml
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LOCTITE® SF 7458 is a colourless, amine-free, solvent-based surface activator liquid which can be either pre- or post-applied. This material can be used to increase the cure speed of LOCTITE cyanoacrylate adhesives.

If pre-applied, it can be detected by fluorescence. It has good on-part life and is suited for post-application on cyanoacrylate adhesives. It is particularly suited to applications where aesthetics and speed of cure are essential.

  • General purpose
  • For all substrates
  • Good on-part life - can be pre- or post-applied
  • Low odour
  • Provides good aesthetic appearance of the bondline
  • Minimises post-cure white discolouring
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