Techsil offers a range of adhesive and sealing technologies suitable for use in marine environments, covering applications both above and below the waterline – from boat building, repair and maintenance, sail making, window bonding, glass aquariums to inflatable boats, wet suits and life jackets. A specialist area is under-sea electronic applications.

Product offers by Techsil for the marine industry are manufactured to withstand exposure to harsh environments and offer excellent durability when in contact with sea water, ozone conditions, UV light and chemicals – whilst also performing well over wide temperature ranges and offering good weatherability over time.

Material Systems for Marine: Product Categories 

An extensive range of chemistries’ are offered by Techsil for a wide range of Marine applications; from crystal clear potting silicones for flexible protection to water clear polyurethane encapsulants for a rigid, scratch resistant finish. Also available is a large range of gaskets, sealants and high strength methacrylate’s which are designed for structural bonding of thermoplastic, metal and composite assemblies whilst providing resistance to hydrocarbons, acids and bases and salt solutions.

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