MG Chemicals Black Flexible Epoxy 1.7 Ltr

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MG 832FX-1.7L
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MG 832 FX is a flexible, black epoxy designed for potting and encapsulation. It offers extreme environmental, mechanical and physical protection for printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies.

Designed for applications requiring minmial physical stress on components and offers good performance in low temperature and arctic environments, as well as applications that involve temperature cycling or rapid temperature changes. MG832 FX provides the functionality of silicone but with the durability and cost-effectiveness of epoxy.

Due to its very low mixed viscosity, MG 832FX can easily penetrate small gaps and cavities, providing excellent electrical insulation and protects components from static discharge, vibration, abrasion, thermal shock, environmental humidity, salt water, fungus, and many harsh chemicals.

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