MG Chemicals 847 Carbon Conductive Paste 25ml

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MG 847-25ML Conductive Paste
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MG Chemicals 847 Carbon Conductive Assembly Paste is an electrically conductive, low-cost, non-silicone product for applications needing stability over wide thermal ranges. The synthetic oil that is used has a low evaporation rate which allows the paste to withstand high temperatures without drying. Furthermore, the paste resists separation and bleeding so it is unlikely to contaminate onto nearby areas.

MG 847 improves electrical conductivity between electrical contact, inhibits corrosions and lubricates even at low temperatures. Non-corrosive with a high conductivity and low volume resistivity.

Product Benefits

  • High conductivity of 0.04 S/cm and low volume resistivity of 23 ?·cm
  • Doesn’t separate or bleed like silicone-based oil
  • Withstands high temperature without drying, bleeding, flowing, or chemical degradation
  • Lubricates even at low temperature
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Zero VOC
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