Momentive FRV1106 Red Fuel Resistant Silicone 6oz

FRV1106 06S Cart 0.5lb-0.227kg
£367.09 £305.91
FRV1106 is a one-component, ready-to-use fluorosilicone adhesive sealant that cures to a tough resilient silicone rubber on exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. FRV1106 adhesive sealant is a paste consistency, fluid resistant product designed for use in fuel, solvent and chemical environments. Momentive FRV1106 resists swelling by hydrocarbon solvents, dimethyl silicone fluids and fuels. As it is a one component product, no mixing is required which aids its ease of use. FRV1106 offers a primerless adhesion to many substrates and is ozone resistant with a high quality of weatherability. This grade offers excellent electrical insulation and retains its impressive elastomeric properties a temperature range between -60°C up to +240°C for long periods of time (260°C can be withstanded for short periods of time). Once cured, FRV1106 is a 39 Shore A product with BAC5010 Boeing Specification.
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