Momentive PSA6573A PressureSensitive Adhesive 300g

PSA6573A 300gm TIN
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Momentive SilGrip* PSA 6573A is a heat assisted pressure sensitive silicone adhesive which displays excellent adhesion to low surface energy material such as polyethylene, polypropylene and a variety of fluoropolymers. Momentive PSA6573A has a wide temperature range performance, maintains good shear and tack properties at intermittent temperatures up to 500 °F and offers adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces including low energy surfaces (silicones, fluoropolymers, polyolefins). PSA 6573A has a resistance to moisture, weathering (ozone, sunlight), chemical (acids, alkalis, oils) and biological (fungus) attack. Offers excellent laminate shear forces despite differing coefficients of thermal expansion. SilGrip* PSA6573 A has a low tack at room temperature, becomes aggressively pressure sensitive at 93ºC (200ºF) and has excellent peel and shear strength and creep resistance. Requires SRC18 catalyst.
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