Momentive RTV133 Black Electrical Silicone 383gm

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RTV133 is a black silicone rubber adhesive sealant which is recommend for use in the electronic, aerospace or automotive industries plus any other industries where resistance to burning of the finished product is a significant design consideration.

Momentive RTV133 offers low odour cure with no unpleasant smell or pungent cure by-products. It is, however, somewhat slower curing both in tack-free time and cure-through time than atmospheric moisture cure silicone adhesive sealants which give off acetic acid vapours as a cure by-product.

Because RTV133 sealant has a paste-like consistency and will flow only with external pressure, it is suitable for use on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces in thicknesses to 6mm (1/4 in.). It has sufficient uncured body to adhere to small objects while cure is taking place.

Product Benefits

  • One component, easy to use
  • Self adhesion properties
  • Excellent weatherability, ozone and chemical resistance
  • Non-halogen flame retardants
  • Low Flammability - UL rated

  • Technical Properties

  • Uncured Consistency: Soft, spreadable paste
  • Colour: Black
  • Tack-Free Time: 20 Mins
  • Cured Shore Hardness: 45 Shore A
  • Elongation: 250%

  • Product Specifications

  • UL Rating:V-0 or V-1 using UL-94
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