Momentive RTV167 Grey Electronic Silicone 82.8ml

RTV167 GREY 82.8ml TUBE
£43.75 £36.46
Momentive RTV167 is a grey, high strength, one-component paste adhesive which is a ready-to-use electronic grade silicone sealant. RTV167 is non-corrosive to electronic metals including copper and brass. RTV 167 cures to a tough, resilient silicone rubber on exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. Momentive RTV167 offers a low odour cure, release an alcohol vapour from the sealant surface during cure, it has UL Recognition: Momentive RTV167 is recognised by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. under their Component Recognition Program (UL File No. E- 36952). RTV 167 retains elastomeric properties for long periods at temperatures from -60°C (-75°F) to 205°C (400°F) and for short periods up to 260°C (500°F). This product cures at room temperature and offers excellent electrical insulation properties and excellent resistance to moisture, dust, dirt, UV, ozone and chemicals.
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