Momentive RTV210 A/229 B Silicone 440ml 4:1

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Momentive RTV210 A/229 B is a silicone adhesive which offers extremely fast cure. This thixotropic paste quickly cures to a durable and resilient silicone rubber with a primerless adhesion to many substrates.

RTV210 A /229 B cures at room temperature and it's paste like consistency makes it ideal for vertical and overhead applications, as well as holding small parts in place whilst the adhesive cures.

Product Benefits

  • Extremely fast room temperature cure
  • Primerless adhesion to many substrates
  • Low odour
  • Non-corrosive to metals
  • Compatible with plastics
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • Excellent weatherability, ozone and chemical resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties

Cured Shore Hardness: 38A

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