Momentive RTV5242 White Electronic Silicone 310ml

RTV5242 WHITE 310ml 465g CART
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Momentive RTV5242 is a white paste sealant with an alkoxy neutral cure, one-component, ready to use, electronic grade silicone adhesive sealant exhibiting high strength that will maintain a strong bond even when exposed to moist environments. RTV 5242 is a true neutral curing silicone sealant that releases methyl alcohol during cure while exposed to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. Unlike most alkoxy curing silicone sealants, Momentive RTV5242 cures very rapidly. RTV5242 offers a non-corrosive curing process that does not produce exothermic heat or corrosive by-products can be used on corrosion-sensitive electrical and electronic equipment with no adverse effect, it offers a fast green strength build, fast cure (approximately 4x faster than traditional alkoxy sealants) and is a low odour cure by-product. RTV5242 is a tough and resilient sealant with primerless adhesion to most metals, painted surfaces and plastics and is a UL recognized component, File number E-36952. Momentive RTV5242 has superior hydrolytic stability and has demonstrated that it is able to maintain adhesion to many substrates after 20 weeks immersion in 60°C water. RTV5242 offers excellent electrical insulation properties whilst withstands exposure to harsh environments such as chemical, ozone, moisture and weathering and is compatible with sensitive metals and plastics. RTV5243 boasts good tear resistance and easy handling with no mixing, heating or solvent hazards. It can retain its elastomeric properties at temperatures of -75 to +400ºF.
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