Momentive RTV560 Red Electronic Silicone +DBT 1lb

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RTV560 1lb (454gm) Tin
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Momentive RTV560 is a red, low temperature two-part silicone elastomer. RTV 560 is supplied ready to use with a base compound and DBT (dibutyl tin dilaurate) as the standard curing agent. RTV560 has the widest useful temperature range of any silicone elastomer. It has a cured hardness of 60 Shore A, tensile strength of 48, elongation of 120 and tear strength of 5.5. RTV560 is well suited to applications which require low and high temperature bonding, the potting and encapsulation of electrical assemblies, thermal insulation applications and cast-in-place heat shielding. Comes as a complete kit with DBT catalyst as standard.
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