Momentive RTV577 Low Temperature Silicone +DBT 1lb

RTV577 1lb (454gm) CAN
£189.02 £157.52
Momentive RTV577 is a low temperature two-part silicone elastomer. It is supplied with a ready to use base compound and DBT (dibutyl tin dilaurate) as the standard curing agent. The operating temperature for RTV577 ranges from -115°C up to +204°C continuously, & up to +260°C for short periods of time. Uncured, RTV577 is a white paste material with a viscosity of 700,000 cPs. This grade has a work time of 2 hour and a cure time of 24 hours, once cured it offers a tensile strength of 31 kg/cm2 and 150% elongation. RTV577 cures to a 48 Shore A material.
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