Momentive RTV9811 Curing Agent/Catalyst 0.2lb 91gm

RTV9811 0.2LB (91gm)
£21.19 £17.66
Momentive RTV9811 is one of several different curing agents are available for two-component RTV silicone rubber compounds to provide a choice of cure speed, mixing ratio, or deep section cure. RTV 9811 is a beige pourable paste based on a metal soap. These curing agents are appropriate to use with the following Momentive Performance Materials products: RTV11, RTV21, RTV31, RTV41, RTV60, RTV88, RTV511, RTV560, and RTV577. RTV9811 has a convenient 10:1 mixing ratio for use in automatic dispensing or hand operations. There is good colour contrast with RTV base compounds provides visual evidence of complete mixing. Good cure in deep sections eliminates need for multiple pours and long cure times. There is an inhibitor to prevent copper corrosion which permits use with sensitive metals.
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