Momentive SilCool* TIA208R Thermally Conductive Potting Silicone 3kg

£131.83 £109.86

SilCool* TIA208R is a 2 component, thermally conductive silicone used for potting and gap filling. Manufactured by Momentive Performance Materials, this grade offer UL94V-0 flame retardancy and has a UL RTI rating of 150°C.

TIA208R cures to a thermally conductive rubber that adhers well to most metal and plastic substrates without the need for primers, can be cured at room temperature, or quickly with the addition of heat. It has a convienent 1:1 mixing ratio and it's flowability allows it to conform to complex 3-dimenstional shapes and cavities, filling voids and thereby creating a thermal path to remove heat.

Potential applications for TIA208R include thermal potting for power supplies, drivers in LED light bulks and ballasts and electric devices.

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