Momentive TSE322 Dielectric Silicone Adhesive 1kg

TSE322 1kg TIN
£76.37 £63.64
Momentive TSE322 is a one-component heat curable silicone adhesive sealants which will bond to many substrates without the use of a primer. This material will cure rapidly at elevated temperatures and has a very long working time at room temperature. It is important to note that TSE322 will not cure completely until it has been exposed to elevated temperatures. TSE322 is a light blue, flowable material with self-levelling properties - there are no cure by-products, with low linear shrinkage. TSE 322 is non-corrosive to metals and sensitive substrates and also offers excellent dielectric properties. Momentive TSE322 performs excellently over a wide thermal range and cures to a 45 Shore A product. TSE322 MUST BE KEPT REFRIDGERATED, BETWEEN 1°C - 10°C.
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