Momentive TSE325 White Potting Silicone 1kg

TSE325 WHITE 1kg
£133.76 £111.47
Momentive TSE325 silicone adhesive is a one-component heat curable silicone adhesive designed for potting and encapsulation. This product adheres to many substrates without a primer and cures at elevated temperatures. This product has a very long working time at room temperature. TSE325 is a white, 12A shore hardness when cured, flowable material with self-levelling properties. As TSE325 is a one component product - no mixing required, it can be cured at elevated temperature. TSE325 has a low viscosity so it easily pourable and had no cure by-products, low linear shrinkage, and is non-corrosive to metals and sensitive substrates, Momentive TSE325 offers outstanding performance over a wide temperature range. TSE 325 is recommended for applications involving the coating of hybrid IC's, printed circuit boards, etc, electrical potting and encapsulation and general adhesive for many types of substrates.
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