Momentive SilCool TSE3281 G Thermal Silicone 1kg

TSE3281 G 1kg Tin
£408.89 £340.74
Momentive TSE3281-G is a one-component, heat curable silicone adhesive designed for thermally conductive applications. Grey in colour, TSE3281 G adheres well to a variety of substrates without the use of a primer. This grade is non corrosive to metals and offers excellent thermal conductivity (1.7 *2 W/m). Flowable paste when uncured, once cured this elastic rubber will offer an elongation of 50%, tensile strength of 4.5 (MPa) and 84 Shore A Hardness. Potential applications include sealing and bonding for thermally conductive applications such as heat generating elements, regulators, rectifier, thyristor etc.
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