Momentive TSE3455ST A & B Moulding Silicone 1.1kg

TSE3455ST A & B 1.1kg Kit WEB
£69.49 £57.91
Momentive TSE3455 ST is a two-component addition cure liquid silicone rubber designed for mould making. TSE3455ST cures at room temperature to a translucent high strength elastic rubber. TSE3455ST cures to a 40A Shore hardness and offers excellent moulding durability to epoxy and polyurethane resins whilst also providing an excellent release ability. TSE 3455ST is a low viscosity material with excellent tear and tensile strength and has low shrinkage when cured at room temperature. Momentive TSE3455 ST is a prototype mould making material for electric & electronics such as TV's, home appliances, mobile phones copy machines etc. It is also recommended for us in the automotive industry for mould making of console boxes, radiator grilles, lamp housing etc. TSE3455ST cures in 24hrs at 25°C and can be accelerated by higher temperature. TSE3455 is not a hazardous item to ship, however sea freight is advised over air freight.
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