Momentive YE5505 Silicone Conformal Coating 500gm

YE5505 CLEAR 500gm TIN
£44.15 £36.79
Momentive YE5505 is a one-component, low viscosity, oxime cure, solvent type silicone coating that cures on exposure to atmosphere moisture to form an elastic silicone rubber. Momentive YE5505 has an easily pourable consistency and excellent adhesion to metals, ceramics, glass, etc. without the use of primers. YE5505 offers a low viscosity primerless adhesion to many substrates. As this material is oxime cure, there is little risk of corrosion (corrosion to copper and copper allots). Momentive YE5505 offers excellent wetherability, ozone and chemical resistance and has excellent electrical insulation properties. Momentive YE5505 is a simple and easy to use one-component system. This product is recommended for application of industrial coating, and moisture proof coating of electrical and electronic parts.
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