Mouseplane® Professional Flush Plane Hand Tool

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Mouseplane Blistr Pack Knottec
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The Mouseplane® has been developed for the flush trimming of glue lines and wood. It takes away the need for heavy duty sanding to remove dried glue or to level wood surfaces. It makes a most useful tool for carpenters, builders, kitchen fitters and cabinet makers. The Mousplane® features a curved profile and fits comfortably in the hand, reducing strain. It's tough, robust design and carbon steel blade enables the smooth finishing of wood repairs. The Mouseplane® glides against a surface or edge, allowing easy removal of excess dried glue or uneven wood surfaces. It is also ideal for edge levelling and cleaning out corners of cabinets. Packaged with a useful blade cover for additional protection, makes the Mouseplane® a safe choice. Overall, the Mouseplane® offers the comfort and ease-of-use of a plane, combined with the sharpness and speed of a chisel.
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