tecbond® OverTec 5FR Black 5kg

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Overtec 5FR 15mm 5kg Black
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OverTec 5 FR is a polyamide resin specifically designed for over-moulding. It has UL-VO flammability rating and excellent electrical properties. Components can be electrically insulated and sealed from water without the need of housing or the use of slow and wasteful 2- component casting/potting resins. Overtec 5 FR has excellent chemical resistance and thermal durability, with an upper heat resistance of 135c, and a lower temperature flexibility of -35c. Overtec 5FR has good chemical and water resistance, in addition to excellent electrical resistance and dielectric strength. The Overtec system is a low-pressure moulding process that uses thermoplastic moulding resin to achieve high quality sealing and protection of components, faster than 2 component potting resins and far lower capital cost than injection moulding. Positioned between casting and injection moulding technologies, this innovation allows fragile or delicate components to be encapsulated and protected with no risk of damage. The OverTec 5FR resin sticks simply need to be loaded into the OverTec 820-15 glue gun and allowed to reach operating temperature before use, resulting in a simple and clean process with fast cycle times. The most popular applications for the Overtec moulding system are electronic component encapsulation, connector potting, grommet injection, automotive electronics, PCB overmoulding, moulded connectors and sensors, and many more.
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