tec™ Overtec 820 15 Hotmelt Glue Gun 120v

TEC 820 15 Overtec 110V
£121.94 £101.62

The Overtec 820 15 HM Gun is designed exclusively for use with Overtec 5FR Glue Sticks. It is a heavy duty, medium size 15mm glue gun which offers an adjustable temperature, 2 minute warm up time & has an illuminated on/off switch. The Overtec 820 15 is robust and easy to use with a melt rate of 2.5 kgs/hand weighing in at 500g.

The Overtec system is a low-pressure moulding process that uses thermoplastic moulding resin to achieve high quality sealing and protection of components, faster than 2 component potting resins and far lower capital cost than injection moulding. The Overtec 5 FR resin sticks simply need to be loaded into the Overtec 820-15 glue gun and allowed to reach operating temperature before use, resulting in a simple and clean process with fast cycle times.

110v tool - not fitted with a plug; requires plug to be attached.

Also available in 230v.

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