Adhesives for Packaging

Techsil offer a wide range of tecbond® hotmelt adhesives and tec™ glueguns for many packaging applications both for the sealing of end of line cardboard cartons and boxes to ship out goods and also for constructing attractive and/or protective packaging for your products. The tecbond® range of high-performance hot melt adhesives offers the widest choice of formulations that can bond almost any packaging material instantly. They are very clean to handle and have an almost indefinite shelf life, providing a clean bond with none of the problems or hazards posed by other sealing methods.

End-of-Line Packaging Adhesives for Sealing Boxes and Cartons

Techsil supply an array of hotmelt adhesives, from economical hot melt grades which will save you £’s on your packaging costs up to high strength high performance grades that you can trust with heavy, fragile or delicate shipments. Techsil also offer a series of hotmelt dispensing glue guns which will help tailor your selection perfectly to your own requirement. The best system for your needs can easily be worked out based on your daily/hourly usage and the type of box you are wanting to seal, for example a double flap carton or a one side full flap carton. Hot melts will not have an adverse chemical effect on the substrates or the contents being packed, unlike solvent based adhesives which could damage expensive or delicate contents. Hot melts will give you a very strong tamper-proof seal that adds extra security to your packaging, as well as improving the rigidity of the carton. Plus, by using tecbond® hot melts, you won’t obscure any graphics that could be printed on the outside of the carton, as can often happen when using other closing systems such as tape or staples. For fast closing of cartons, tray assembly, and wrap-around packaging we recommend:

  • tecbond® 14 – Low viscosity, fast setting, FDA Approved  
  • tecbond® 214 – Medium viscosity, fast setting, economical, FDA Approved 
  • tecbond® 1X – Medium viscosity, medium open time, FDA Approved 

For pallet stabilisation we recommend:

Adhesives for Product Packaging

Product Packaging Adhesives from Techsil are typically used for: Carton Closing, Waxed and Coated Boards, Bonding Protective Foams, Straw Attachment, Tray Erection, Deep Freeze Bonding, Cold Storage Bonding, Closure of Folding Boxes, UV Varnished Board Bonding, Security Packaging and Difficult Surface Bonding. There are a number of ranges used for the assembly of product packaging.

  • tecbond® - There are numerous tecbond® grades that can be used for product packaging depending on the substrates and type of application. For example, tecbond® 265 or 261 are able to bond most varnish and coated boards used in point of sale displays, having been specially formulated to bond difficult substrates. 
  • Spraytec® - The Spraytec® range of sprayable hotmelt adhesives can be used on plastics, cardboard and foams. A popular range for attaching protective foams and similar protective materials to the inside of cardboard or wooden cases because they are easy and fast to apply. 
  • Fastfixers™ - The ranges Techsil offer to the packaging industry include high quality Fastfixers™ glue dots, ranging from small removable, to medium regular and large secure – and all stages in between.
  • PeelTec 210 - is an innovative peelable hotmelt used for creating temporary bonds that can easily be peeled apart; FDA approved.

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