Panacol Cyanolit® 200 Plastic Bonding Adhesive 20g

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Panacol Cyanolit® 200 20gm
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  • Cyanolit® 200 is a very low viscosity, fast curing cyanoacrylate adhesive specifically designed for bonding plastics and rubbers such as APTK, EPDM and Vitron. This grade is transparent in colour and offers good capillary behaviour for filling very small gaps.

    MSDS available upon request

    Product Benefits

  • Operating Temp Range: -80°C to +100°C
  • Very Low Viscosity
  • Bonds EPDM & APTK in 10 seconds
  • Bonds ABS in 5 seconds
  • Bonds PVC in 3 seconds
  • No heat required for curing process
  • Very easy to use, one-component
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