Panacol Elecolit® 3653 Silver Conductive Epoxy 50g

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Elecolit® 3653 50gm
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Elecolit® 3653 is a 1 component silver filled, solvent-free conductive epoxy adhesive used in applications which are subject to vibrations or quick temperature fluctuations. This unique product can be cured thermally in a very short period of time and cures to a 60 - 75 Shore D material.

Silver in colour, this epoxy resin contains approximately 80% Silver (Ag) filler. It must be noted that long-time storage at room temperature can allow for sedimentation of this filler to occur, it is advised to mix the product well before to re-homogenise the material before use.

Product Benefits

  • Operating Temp Range: -40°C to +180°C
  • Shore Hardness: 60 - 78 Shore D
  • Very easy to use, one-component
  • Silver Filled
  • Supplied in a 50gm Pack Size

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