Panacol Vitralit® 4050 UV Curing Adhesive 250gm

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Vitralit® 4050 250gm
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Vitralit® 4050 is a low viscosity, transparent adhesive with good bonding to a wide range of materials inclduing plastics, metals and glass. This modified acrylate is suitable for transparent plastics with low UV trnasmission such as PC.

Vi-4050 is suitable for the use in the assembly of disposable medical devices and has met the requirement for ISO 10993-5. The materials fluorescent capabilities for adhesive bond verification improves the process quality.

The low viscosity of UV 4050 makes it ideal for needle bonding and other medical applications where wicking of the adhesives into the pre-assembled parts is required. This material is compatible with sterilisation including autoclavin, gamma irradiation and EtO.

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