Panacol Vitralit Vi-4282 MOD2 UV Adhesive 100gm

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Vitralit® 4282 Mod2 100gm
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Vitralit® 4282 mod 2 is an adhesive which utilises a unique two step curing process, boasting a uv-curing system combined with an anaerobic acrylic bond that can be used for filling, bonding , thread locking and retaining. The UV feature allows assembly of parts with instant, on-demand handling with a uv-cure time of just 10 seconds. The shadow areas will then cure anaerobically to form high-strength, durable bonds. Vitralit® 4282 mod 2 is an acrylate resin, light green in colour with a very low viscosity.

MSDS available upon request

Product benefits
  • Temperature resistance of -40°C to 170°C
  • Cures to a 70-80 Shore D Hardness
  • Suitable for a wide variety of such as electrical, electronics and automotives

  • Also available in 20gm bottles.
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