Panacol Vitralit® 7041 T UV Thixo Adhesive 100gm

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Vitralit® 7041 T 100gm
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Vitralit® 7041 T is a thixotropic UV and/or light cure adhesive with a high viscosity and excellent gap filling ability. When used in thin layers this instant adhesive is transparent in colour, making it ideal for bonding transparent plastics with low UV transmission such as PC. When used in thick layers, 7041 T becomes more translucent. Having met the requirements for USP Class VI, ISO 10933-4 and ISO 10933-5 Vitralit® 7041 T is suitable for use in the assembly of disposable medical devices and is compatible with sterilisation by autoclaving, gamma irradiation and EtO. For rapid and high quality bonding we recommend the UV and LED devices manufactured by Dr. Hönle AG. Panacol Vitralit® 7041 is also available with fluorescent capabilities, improving the process quality (7041 F).

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