Panacol Vitralit® 7311 UV Curing Adhesive 100gm

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Vitralit® 7311 100gm
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Vitralit® 7311 is a transparent, low viscosity, UV and/or light curing acrylate adhesive which provides excellent adhesion to glass, metal and most plastics (such as PC, PVC, PMMA and ABS).

Due to the extremely low viscosity and good capillarity of Vi 7311 this grade is suitable for both large area bonding and for small applications where the gap size is very small.

Product Benefits

  • Humidity and Alcohol Resistant
  • Very short curing time
  • Solvent-free
  • Good adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • One component, easy to handle
  • 40 - 65 Shore D Hardness
  • -40°C to +120°C Temperature resistance

  • Vitralit® 7311 was voted Best Product in 2016/2017 by Device-Med

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