TECHSiL showcased an exciting range of thermal materials at the Battery Cells & Systems Expo in June, 2022.More infomration below.

TIA225GF Liquid-Dispensed Silicone Thermal Pad

TIA225GF silicone is a two-component thermally conductive material that is dispensed as a liquid and cured in place to create a heat path for efficient heat transfer. After being applied, its non-slumping pasty consistency provides physical stability to help prevent run-off after being dispensed. TIA225GF can be used as a liquid-dispensed alternative to pre-fabricated thermal pads, and as a gap filler for a broad array of thermal designs in electronic components.

TIA208R Thermally Conductive Silicone Potting

TIA208R is a 2-component, thermally conductive material used for potting and gap filling. When cured at room temperature or quickly with heat, it cures to a thermally conductive rubber that adheres well to most metal and plastic substrates without the need for primers. The flowability of TIA208R allows it to conform to complex 3-dimenstional shapes and cavities, filling voids and thereby creating a thermal path to remove heat.

TN8000 Fast Cure, Non-corrosive Silicone Adhesive Sealant

TN8000 silicone adhesive sealant is a one-component, fast cure, non-corrosive silicone adhesive sealant that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form an elastic silicone rubber. TN8000 silicone adhesive sealant has a thixotropic paste consistency and excellent corrosion-free adhesion to metals, including copper, plastics, glass without the use of primers.

6101 Heat curable silicone Adhesive

6101, is a one-component heat curable silicone adhesive sealant which will bond to many substrates without a primer and which will cure rapidly at elevated temperatures. This product has a very long working time at room temperature and will not cure completely until exposed to elevated temperatures. 6101 silicone adhesive is a black, thixotropic paste, which can be applied to vertical or overhead surfaces.

TIA241GF Liquid-Dispensed Silicone Thermal Pad / Gap Filler

TIA241GF gap filler is a 2-component, soft, thermally conductive silicone material used to dissipate heat from electronic devices. Its non-slumping pasty consistency offers physical stability that can allow improved processing. TIA241GF gap filler can be used as a liquid dispensed alternative to pre-fabricated thermal pads in a broad array of thermal designs for electronic applications.

SN1001 High Elongation Silicone Gel – Optical Bonder

SN1001 is a two-component, high elongation silicone gel used for optical bonding applications. This product will typically provide tack free time at room temperature in ~10 minutes to a soft, tacky gel with the addition of a curing agent. The soft nature and cushioning effect of this product offers excellent protection of electronic assemblies from external humidity, mechanical shock and vibration.

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