TECHSiL proudly introduces Panacol's latest innovation in adhesive technology - the Black&Light series of UV curable black epoxy resin adhesives. Included in this groundbreaking series are Vitralit® BL UC 1101, Vitralit® BL UC 1102, and Vitralit® BL UC 1103. These advanced adhesives offer the unique capability of curing in thicker layers using UV light alone, eliminating the necessity for secondary curing methods. One of the key advantages of Black&Light adhesives is their ability to be shipped and stored at room temperature, a significant improvement over conventional black-colored epoxy adhesives that require cold or deep-freeze conditions.

Conventional UV adhesives often suffer from limited penetration due to the high absorption of UV curing energy by the black color, resulting in a superficial "skin" formation while leaving the adhesive underneath uncured. Panacol's new black Vitralit® BL UC adhesives overcome this limitation, enabling curing to thicknesses greater than 1mm with UV LED light. The UV LED curing systems from Dr. Hönle are perfectly tailored to the absorption wavelengths of Black&Light technology, ensuring optimal curing performance.

Vitralit® BL UC 1101, Vitralit® BL UC 1102, and Vitralit® BL UC 1103 cater to a wide range of applications, including component encapsulation, glob top, edge bonding in electronics production, and optical adhesives requiring high OD values. Whether you require a thick layer of adhesive or high optical density in thinner layers, there's a perfect option within this series. Vitralit® BL UC 1101 reliably cures in thick layers up to 1.3 mm, achieving an optical density of up to 3.9, while Vitralit® BL UC 1103 offers OD values of up to 6 for applications demanding high optical density in lower layer thicknesses.

In addition to their exceptional mechanical properties, such as high glass transition temperatures, low shrinkage, and low coefficient of thermal expansion, all three adhesives ensure reliable bonding results with excellent thermal and positioning stability. Moreover, the compatibility of Black&Light technology with various Vitralit® epoxy resin adhesives from Panacol allows for customized adhesive solutions tailored to specific curing conditions and mechanical properties. Experience the versatility and reliability of Black&Light technology, available to the UK market through TECHSiL.

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