Two of the biggest industry experts, TECHSiL and DOPAG UK have recently joined forces to offer FIPFG foam gaskets as a contract manufacturing service. Customers benefit from the high flexibility, comprehensive expertise and personal consulting. The new service includes everything in the production of foam gaskets: from material tests, sampling and prototypes to small quantities and large series.

Contract manufacturing offers customers an economically interesting alternative, especially companies who do not require their own production line. We offer qualified personnel and improved profit from high quality, plannable costs at all times.

Efficient series production of PU foam gaskets: FIPFG with the dynamicLine from DOPAG

The Solution on Offer from TECHSiL and DOPAG

> Developing high-quality solutions for FIPFG foam gaskets: >Carefully ensure, that parts are expertly sealed against vibration, dust or fluids.
>Supporting customers with the right material selection for different sealing heights, for grooves or on flat surfaces, hard or soft versions, etc.
> Producing components with contract foams in large and small quantities
> Reducing production peaks at short notice
> Completion of sampling and manufacture prototypes

One of our great strengths is individual consulting for the production of prototypes as well as support for entering seal foaming as a business area. In the first stage, the industry-experienced engineers prepare a feasibility study for the desired application and determine all production parameters. Then, in the course of sampling, initial prototypes are produced and later, depending on customer requirements, complete series are produced.


A Wide Range of Applications for Contract Foaming

TECHSiL and DOPAG UK use their own metering and mixing technology, which is based on more than 40 years of experience. The systems process all common materials for gasket foaming, i.e. low-to high-viscosity polymeric gasket foams made of PU and silicone. Foam gaskets from all material manufacturers can be used for the production. This means that the optimum material will be selected for the individual applications. Customized adaptations or even developments are also possible.

Automated applications for three-dimensional components, in grooves, molds and on flat surfaces can be implemented. Contract manufacturing for FIPFG foam gaskets offers an efficient and flexible solution for numerous industries, for example for the manufacture of control cabinets, for the production of components in the automotive and lighting industry or for applications in the household appliance, filter and packaging industry.

How can TECHSiL help?

TECHSiL will support you at any stage of your project from conceptual R&D, prototyping, through to completion. Our gasketing service is the economical and reliable solution for replacing labour intensive peel and stick gasket applications.

If you require any further information or have a project you would like to discuss, please contact Sales Manager Adam Johnson who will be happy to assist!

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