Techsil are always on the lookout for industry problems to overcome and resolve, as well as taking current processes and improving on them. Steve Morrow, Techsil Business Development Manager has branched out into the Furniture Production Industry over the last couple of years with popular hotmelt adhesive solutions.

Hotmelt Becomes the Preferred Choice for Woodworkers

The hotmelt glue gun is already a firm favourite within the Furniture Industry, and has been for many years. However as the technology improves and the specifications of the hotmelt glues on offer advances hotmelt is becoming the preferred choice for much more than just affixing panels. Woodworker Professionals are now heating up their guns for assembling cabinets and drawers, hotmelt glues offer precision, quality and superior hold strength without the time, expense and sometimes untidiness of a hammer & nails.

When tackling v-grooving, wood drawer guides & attaching corner spacer blocks hotmelt really comes into its own. You can stop worrying about meticulous nail placement, and losing the tiny nails and screws needed, hotmelt is quick; easy and accurate to apply and will hold just as well! Grades to consider for woodworking applications would be 1X (low viscosity, medium open time) and 23 (medium viscosity, long open time).

There are many other trades within the Furniture Industry where you wouldn’t immediately think of using a glue gun to aid manufacture. For example, Techsil offers a pressure sensitive hotmelt (PS-6675) that is proving extremely popular among mattress manufacturers and is being used to bond the different layers of the mattresses together. PS-6675 works in a unique way which is perfect for this application. PS-6675 is extremely high tack, keeping the material in place however it always stays semi-cured thus allowing the user to re-position the material to get the perfect tightness required, to finish the toppers are stitched.

Moving over to the material and upholstery side of the industry, sprayable hotmelts such as 420 are becoming a more recognisable way to bond the foam used in settees and chairs. If you didn’t want such a hard cure, the pressure sensitive hotmelts discussed earlier are also very suited to these applications in case the user wants to reposition the foam during the manufacture process.

420 isn’t restricted to foam bonding, it is being used widely in the home furnishing world from making roller blinds to attaching fringing to stools and other upholstered furniture. Another trade where this grade is popular is the Coffin Making Industry, being used to bond the fabric on the inside to the wood. Hotmelt is also being used to bond the decorative mouldings onto the castings. For this, ideally a low viscosity hotmelt is best suited, as the glue is so runny it reduces the gap between the wood and the decal resulting in a very close bond and no visible join.

Along with our product knowledge and expertise in this industry, our range of accessories to help is also growing. We now offer the Mouseplane, an innovative woodworker’s tool. Originally this plane was developed to remove dried adhesive and filler from wood quickly and easily without the need for sanding. However, after demonstrating the product to joiners and woodworkers, it became clear that the Mouseplane’s ability to trim wood into tight corners was another reason to invest in the product.

The Mouseplane is a lightweight yet robust tool, and have been moulded to fit the hand comfortably. The high quality carbon steel blade is positioned horizontally to the wood, and maintains a sharp edge while giving a smooth finish to all types of wood-based substrates. An included blade cover helps to protect the blade from damage and safeguard the user. Spare blades are also available to order when required.

Looking for a solution for glass adhesion?

UV curable products are currently shining within the adhesive industry, and Techsil has a product on offer that is becoming popular within the furniture construction and interior design industries. Vitralit 6128 is a UV curable adhesive manufactured by Panacol developed for use in glass adhesion in connection with metals, stone and other solid materials. Vi 6128 is more favoured with stone/solid material applications. It is known for its excellent temperature consistency and can also be used as a filler, offering excellent bonding qualities with many thermoplastic artificial materials.