Due to its great portability, the gas-tec™ 600 lends itself perfectly to many different industries. Dick Phillips from Willow Bay Boats in Bridport offers his view on the suitability of the gas-tec™ 600 in his trade – boatbuilding. 

 gas-tec™ 600 Review | Portable Glue Gun

Review taken from Boat Builder & Repair Magazine, February 2014

“The main uses for the hot melt glue gun in boatbuilding are in assembling templates – often in some cramped corner of a hull – and jigs. The glue gun’s great advantage is that it provides a quick way of attaching components together fairly securely without the risk of distorting the final shape which comes with impact fixings like staples and nails. The glue is cheap and the speed of application makes it economical for pro builders. It’s also simple; the gun melts the glue so that it may be applied which then sets as it cools.

The gas-tec™ 600 has a distinct advantage over other guns in that it is gas fired and therefore totally portable. The butane gas is contained in a cartridge called a Liquid energy Cell. The LEC supplied with the gun is easily refilled from a standard butane gas lighter refill canister which you can obtain from any tobacconist.

Once filled, the LEC is inserted into the gun handle with the On/Off wheel turned off. With the LEC in place, the wheel is turned to the On position and the piezo ignition button pressed to light the gas. A clear plastic bulb next to the gas burner glows red when the gas is alight. You then wait for 5 minutes to allow the gun to fully function. Anyone who has used an electric hot glue gun will be familiar with its operation from then on.

The gas-tec™ 600 gun is extremely easy to use; it’s not only portable but also very light with an efficient trigger mechanism and a soft grip handle. It has a ½” (12mm) nozzle to take the standard 12mm Techbond 23 glue sticks a multipurpose adhesive which will bond fabrics, hard and soft woods as well as some plastics.

At £60.50, the gas-tec™ 600 is more expensive than electric budget/DIY glue guns but this price compares favourably with the cordless electric glue guns on the market. And since it does not require a 240v mains supply, it’s ideal for use out in the boatyard, backyard and on a boat afloat.”

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