Techsil and Stokvis Tapes announced their partnership back in Dec 2011, and have since gone from strength to strength. Stokvis manufacture specialist tapes for a huge range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical. The application solutions available are endless, ranging from surface protection to bonding, sealing and insulation.

Below we are focusing on two extraordinary tapes on offer, high performance and high temperature masking tapes. Techsil have an onsite log conversion capability, allowing you to specify exactly what size rolls you require.

Techsil’s S4070 is a high temperature single sided masking tape which consists of a crepe paper carrier coated on one side with a natural rubber adhesive. It is smooth, conformable and easy to handle with good adhesion and holding power even to irregular surfaces. It is tear and solvent resistant and will leave no stains or residues if removed when warm.  S4070 can be used up to temperatures of 163⁰C and gives straight, clean paint break lines with no flaking upon removal. S4070 has CSS13 Rolls Royce specification and is used for automotive paint masking.

S4070 is now available to buy online as a log, Techsil will then it cut down to meet your exact requirements at no extra cost.

Techsil’s SM00 is a premium grade masking tape that has been designed to withstand vigorous plasma spraying process, a method of applying thin coatings of metal or high temperature ceramics to a surface. The coating is sprayed at a high pressure and at extreme temperatures. The tape is applied next to and around the area to be plasma sprayed.

This robust and flexible tape is used to resist the harshest grit blasting and spraying processes. Their flexibility allows for “wrapping” of complex shapes and eliminates wrinkles during the flexing of cables. SM00 tapes are resistant to slippage during this process and are residue free upon removal eliminating the need for further cleaning or processing. The tapes are approved for use by Pratt Whitney, General Electric and Rolls Royce.

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