Techsil, in partnership with Dr Hönle AG have just released a new hand-held UV-Meter which measures exact LED light data traceable to the German standard PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt). This versatile unit boasts a clear and well-organised digital display, allowing measured results to be read at a glance.

This new generation UV-Meter features a compact design which is portable and extremely handy on the shop floor. It has been re-designed with usability in mind and promotes an intuitive operational concept keypad, which includes short-cut keys for the most important functions.

This user-friendly meter now also features an integrated USB port which enables the upload of the UV-Meter data to a PC or notebook whilst also recharging the lithium batteries; which offer a very long service life.

What does the light meter measure?

With measured data storage in-built, this UV light meter can record a test series of light intensity and dose whilst also recording minimum and maximum average light intensities. The integrated real-time clock ensures precise timed sampling of measured results to give a very accurate UV measurement.

Interchangeable Compact UV Light Sensors

This advanced light meter has a wide range of interchangeable UV light sensors covering wavelengths from 230 nm to 550 nm – UVA, UVB, UVC and VIS light which makes it suitable for many different manufacturing processes.

Its compact UV light sensors are only 14mm high to fit into small spaces and its two channel measuring means that different wavelength ranges can be recorded simultaneously. The unit also has automatic sensor recognition.

This UV light meter is suitable for wide range of applications including the UV/ UV-LED curing of adhesives, potting compounds, coatings and inks.

Product Benefits

  • Cost Saving - a single UV meter for all applications
  • Measuring Accuracy - traceable to PTB standards
  • Process Reliability - constant control of UV-intensity ensures consistent quality of UV-curing
  • Certification - reliable calibration with certificates

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