With the reality of autonomous cars upon us, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are bridging the gap between traditional cars and the cars of tomorrow. These systems rely more on electronics and sensors than ever. Reliable operation of these systems is critical for safe vehicle operation.

Momentive’s product portfolio from TECHSil for ADAS - and specifically LiDAR applications - ranges from from potting and coating materials in sensors and headlamps, low stress and low modulus materials for cameras, sealing, bonding and thermal materials in electric power steering and braking systems, shielding of entire vehicle control units and ADAS related connectivity modules requiring ultra-high thermal materials.

SILCOOL thermal management silicones have excellent thermal conductivity and consistent, long-term heat transfer performance. The lineup includes grease compounds, adhesives, encapsulants and potting compounds, and liquid dispensed thermal pads.

From thermal adhesion, to water-sealing, to sensor coating - TECHSiL can offer SNAPSIL materials can bond to a wide variety of composites, plastics, and metals and are tailored to the demands of the electronics industry, with high performance and reliability in mind.

LSR can provide reliable sealing as well as dampening and decoupling over a wide range of temperatures. Self-bonding LSR applications include sensor overmolding and housing sealing, and SILOPREN ultra-low compression set LSR can be used for electrical connectors.

SilFORT hardcoats offer increased weathering, abrasion and chemical resistance on exterior automotive parts made from polycarbonate. For LiDAR assemblies, SilFORT hardcoats also provide a glass-like surface, enabling a higher transmission rate of the LiDAR signal through the protective cover and improving sensor accuracy.

SilFORT TAC2000 offers assistance with anti-fog coating by prevent the formation of condensation on the inside of headlamp lenses, sensor covers and new front modules.