As a new era of e-mobility emerges, it's accompanied by new manufacturing challenges that require new material solutions. Companies must innovate in order to meet these challenges. Momentive’s advanced material solutions play an essential role in the vehicles of today and tomorrow. From thermal management and battery solutions to cable and connector materials; from sensor coatings to adhesives and seals -- Momentive’s innovative silicones help shape the future of e-mobility and drive our new vehicles forward.

Power Electronics

Vehicle power electronics process, control and distribute electric power to other vehicle systems, as well as control the speed and torque of the motor. Momentive silicone solutions offer thermal management, encapsulation/potting, and sealing for power electronics, including inverter systems (and IGBT modules), DC/DC converters, and onboard chargers.

High Voltage Battery System

Momentive’s silicone solutions for battery modules include thermal management (thermal gap fillers, adhesives), thermal potting and gel encapsulation, and sealing adhesives. For battery housing components, Momentive's SFR100 silicone fluid is a non-halogenated flame retardant enables excellent EV fire safety performance without compromising other important properties such as mechanical toughness or non-corrosiveness. More information on these can be found here: SRF100-Marketing-Bulletin

Electrified Powertrain

1) Silicone applications for the Integrated Drive Motor / Generator include connector potting, encapsulation material, sealing adhesives, and thermal management material.

2) Silicone applications for the e-axle include encapsulation, connector potting, thermal potting and other thermal management, as well as sealing adhesives.

EV Thermal Solutions

1) Coolant heaters improve battery performance by delivering consistent temperature distribution inside the battery pack and its cells. Silicone applications here include encapsulation, connector potting, thermal management, and sealing adhesives.

2) The electric coolant pump regulates and provides coolant to the cooling system. Silicone applications here include encapsulation and connector potting, thermal management, and sealing adhesive.

3) PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Air Heater heats the vehicle cabin using high-voltage electricity from the battery or hydrogen cell. Silicone applications here include encapsulation, connector potting, thermal management, sealing adhesives, and structural adhesives