Typical medical device applications which use UV curing adhesives include needles and cannulas, reservoirs, tube sets and catheters. Manufacturers usually find that using UV light curing technology results in an increase in productivity. When assembling a medical device, it is critical that the selected adhesives are reliable, consistent and are able to be validated - UV light curing adhesives perform well against these criteria. These single part systems come in a range of viscosities, facilitating precise, repeatable dispensing. Curing is fully completed in seconds and within a controlled process window, meaning that immediate on-line quality assurance checks are possible.

Panacol develops cutting-edge adhesives for medical applications within a range of chemistries, all formulated to meet USP Class VI and/or ISO 10993 standards and withstand common sterilisation processes. Joining with Dr. Hönle Group and their compatible system UV Curing technology,  Techsil can offer complete solutions for your medical assembly process.

Medical Bonding Brochure